Liberals Losing Their Minds Over New Planned Parenthood BOMBSHELL


Planned Parenthood is already on the defensive, and the situation just got a lot worse.

The network of abortion clinics is a pet project for liberals. But I bet they don’t know, or don’t want to know, the reason it was founded.

Rapper Nick Cannon, one of the hosts on “America’s Got Talent,” dropped that bombshell in an online interview.

“It was all about cleansing,” explained Cannon. Planned Parenthood founder “Margaret Sanger said that she wanted to exterminate the Negro race, and that she was going to use her organization as she founded to do so.”

Cannon said he is not taking a position on the issue of abortion. But rather trying to get people to realize Planned Parenthood was never really about abortion.

“It was more about the sterilization and when it comes to actual ethnic cleansing — where they actually said we want to get rid of a class of people, a group of people,” he continued.

Sounds a lot like the Nazis, actually.

Cannon isn’t crazy. A brief research of Margaret Sanger will verify his claims.

In Pivot of Civilization, she infamously referred to blacks, immigrants and poor people as “human weeds, reckless breeders, ‘pawning… human beings who never should have been born.”

Once when addressing the issue of America’s black community, Sanger made the following shocking remark:

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“We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.”

So, as outlandish as Cannon’s claims at first appear, he is absolutely right. Planned Parenthood was originally founded, among other things, to exterminate America’s black population.

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