Liberals LIVID After Company CEO Makes Them Take ‘Snowflake Test’


Liberals are becoming unhinged and childish in the wake of Trump’s election, and that makes them even more worthless in the work force than they were before.

Well, there’s one CEO who’s had enough. He’s not hiring anyone else until they pass a “snowflake test” to prove they aren’t whiney liberals.

Yes, you heard that right. Anyone wanting to work at The Silent Partner Marketing firm will have to demonstrate they aren’t in need of “safe spaces.”

CEO Kyle Reyes wrote in the New Boston Post:

I…realized it was a time suck on my staff and me to be weeding through endless piles of paper trying to find the handful of people who actually want to hustle for a living and would be a great fit for our company.

So I’ve implemented something that is going to give HR managers and the PC Police night sweats.

I lovingly refer to it as The Snowflake Test.

Anyone who may be a viable candidate for our agency has to take the test before they get an at-bat at an interview.

It’s 30 short-answer and essay-style questions that help us to really get to know a candidate. We want to get in their heads. See how they apply logic and reason to different scenarios. See what makes them tick. See if they’d be a good fit for our culture.

Reyes has unsurprisingly received a LOT of liberal complaints, but that has only hardened his resolve, as he comically brushes them off.

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After all, as far as Reyes in concerned, he dodged a major bullet by not hiring those folks.

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