Liberals in California are Freaking out! Check Who May be Running for Governor!


It seems that James Woods is going to run for Governor of California and this is such a good news because finally, there is potentially a change in the hard-core liberal State.

It all depends on the conservative activist Melanie Morgan and also on the people that are sick of the liberal politics, to raise their voice and vote for James Woods to become the new Governor and bring a new, better light in the State.

Morgan said, “Californians deserve a choice in this year’s crucial election and it’s a mistake to allow Gavin Newsom to cakewalk right into the governorship without a fight.”

Via the Washington Times:

“James Woods, governor of California? Why not? The Golden State has a long history of electing leaders from the deep end of the thespian pool. From Ronald Reagan to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Californian voters actually seem to enjoy casting ballots for Republican actors,” reads a petition launched Tuesday, which indeed is calling upon the politically attuned and aggressive Mr. Woods to throw his hat in the ring.

“An effort to shake up the California governor’s race by placing James Woods on the ballot is gathering steam. The online signature-gathering effort intends to assist fed-up Californians in taking a stand against one-party rule and the increasing likelihood that two Democrats will appear on November’s gubernatorial ballot amid a Republican shutout,” says talk radio host and conservative activist Melanie Morgan, a Marin County resident who is coordinating the effort to recruit Mr. Woods. […]

Mr. Woods, who staunchly supports President Trump, might prove a formidable foe. He has over 1 million Twitter followers, and his opinions are well-calibrated, timely, frequent and provocative.”

In the wake of the petition, James Woods promised to rule out the corrupt Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

“End #DACA completely, build the wall, defund sanctuary cities, end chain migration, enforce voter ID, and deport all lawbreakers. Democrats never listened to us when they were in control. Wake up, Republicans. You have the power. Use it, for God’s sake!”, Woods stated on Twitter.

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His warning on DACA was loud and clear on his Twitter account saying, “If you fold on immigration, you are a one-term president.”

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Woods is awesome because of his strange nature compared to his Hollywood colleagues that have little to no brain. He is a smart actor that sees the situation as it is and has a strong patriotic feeling that will never be broken. That is why Trump loves him so much!



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