Liberals Finally BEGGING To Deport Muslims, But Is It Too Late?


Only now are some liberals waking up to the fact that Islam and Sharia Law are not compatible with Western society.

And given that most Muslim immigrants refuse to integrate and instead want to impose their values on us, this is a big problem.

Nowhere is the situation worse than in France.

From The Local:

A survey in France published this week revealed 70 percent of the population believe there are too many foreigners living in the country and 74 percent believe Islam is not compatible with French society.

The survey, which was carried out by polling institute Ipsos and the Jean-Jaures Foundation, was published in left-leaning French newspaper Le Monde.

According to the survey, only 29 percent of French people believe the “vast majority of immigrants who have settled in France are well-integrated”; 46 percent believe unemployment levels can only be cut by reducing immigration; 57 percent believe anti-white racism is quite common in France; 62 percent  say they no longer feel at home in France.

Remember when President Trump told us that Europe was collapsing in large part thanks to unchecked Muslim immigration? And remember how liberals scoffed at such an assertion?

Well, they aren’t scoffing now. If 70 percent of French are responding this way, that has to include a large portion of the country’s liberals.

The question is, are they coming to their senses too late?

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