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Liberals Don’t Want You to Know THIS About Our Police Officers


It’s not easy to be a police officer in America today. Liberals are trying to obscure the truth with the Black Lives Matter movement. But our police deserve better.

In 2016, no fewer than 135 police officers in America lost their lives in the line of duty.

Of those, 64 were shot dead by criminals, 53 died in traffic-related incidents, and the rest were taken by other causes while on duty.

Yes, 64 police officers were shot and killed in uniform.

Bet you didn’t year about hardly any of them. Instead, the mainstream media was busy focusing on the handful of violent black thugs who were shot while threatening cops.

But there’s a good reason officers are vigilant and ready to use deadly force, if necessary. Failure to do so could very easily cost them their lives. As the above statistics demonstrate.

President Obama has paid lip service to police. But his entire political machine has been pumping life into Black Lives Matter. And that movement is hell-bent on demonizing our men and women in blue.

It is about time for a government that appreciates those who put on that uniform every day in order to protect us.

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