Liberals, Do you Remember When Bill Pardoned His Brother?


Democrats, the liberal media, and GOP traitors are outraged over President Trump’s pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was convicted of a crime for simply doing his job.

Funny thing is, they had nothing to say about the numerous shady pardons of Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, and there are MANY. Not one of them complained about Obama pardoning hardened criminals, traitors like Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden, or convicted terrorists from Gitmo.

Interestingly enough, none of them had a word to say about former President Bill Clinton’s MANY dubious pardons, including the pardon of his own brother, Roger.

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton was criticized for some of his pardons and acts of executive clemency. Pardoning or commuting sentences is a power granted by the U.S. Constitution to all sitting U.S. Presidents.

While most presidents grant pardons throughout their terms, Clinton chose to make nearly a third of them on January 20, 2001, his last day in office. This came to be known as Pardongate. While Clinton pardoned a large number (450) of people compared with his immediate predecessor Republican George H. W. Bush, who pardoned only 75.

Roger Clinton is the “black sheep” of the Clinton family; Bill’s younger brother, Roger billed himself as an actor and a musician, but in reality, was more of a drug dealer than anything. The younger Clinton brother was pardoned by his brother Bill for a cocaine distribution conviction, for which he spent over a year in prison. Roger Clinton has been arrested twice in the past, according to CBS News.

Do you remember now?

Liberals, let me say it one more time: LEAVE TRUMP ALONE!

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