Liberals Caught Red-Handed! Plan to Turn Trump Inauguration Into ‘Big Clusterf—‘


And they say liberals are the more tolerant and open-minded of the two main political persuasions in our country.

A group of radical liberals has been caught red-handed planning illegal disruptions of President-elect Trump’s inauguration and the events surrounding it.

In an audio recording of a meeting of the #DisruptJ20 group, a female organizer can be heard saying:

“We’re going to be doing blockades. We’re going to [be] blockading checkpoints into the security zones. We’re also going to be blockading roads and other modes of transit into the city.”

The group is also planning what they admit is an “unpermitted [sic] march” on the inauguration.

A spokeswoman for the group told Fox News:

“We’re exercising our freedom of speech and really want to set a tone for the next few years that there’s a massive body of people … who are very concerned about the dangerous direction Donald Trump is taking our country in.”

Another organizer was more to the point, saying the group’s aim was to “turn the inauguration into as big of a clusterf— as possible.”

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