Liberals Attack Ivanka, Sarah Sanders Snaps It and Demolishes Their Insanity in Epic Rant


Ivanka Trump is such a great role model. A great mom, wife and business woman.

Liberals just won’t stop attacking her just cause she’s the president’s daughter.

Sarah Sanders in an interview with Hug Hewitt “explodes” and demolishes their insanity.

“I think it’s shameful the way that she’s been treated,” Sanders said. “If she didn’t have the same last name, they would be celebrating her. They would be praising her. They would be thanking God that she is sitting in a position that she is to influence policy and help women across this country. And instead, they attack her, they shame her, and they belittle her.”

“I think it’s very shameful,” Sanders reiterated, “and I think it’s sad because she’s such a good advocate for so many women. And for them to attack her, I think, is just really disheartening.”

AMEN Sarah! Ivanka is the best!

This tells us that Democrats don’t really care about policy as much as pushing their agenda.

Way to go Sarah! Keep up the good fight!

H/T: Washington Examiner

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