Liberals Are Losing It After BRUCE GENDER Announces His/Her New Project


The creature formerly known as Bruce Jenner is working on a new project, and ultra-liberals who really want to be involved in all things transgender are having a tough time getting behind it.

Jenner, who now goes by the name Caitlyn, posed with rock legend Steven Tyler to announce the project.

Turns out Jenner will be joining the Aerosmith frontman on stage for a duet of his hit song “Dude Looks Like a Lady.”

Jenner called the song “one of my favorites!”

@iamstevent and I are working on our duet for Dude Looks Like a Lady. One of my favorite songs!

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That did NOT sit well with the defenders of liberalism over at the Huffington Post.

Columnist James Michael Nichols chided Jenner over the comment:

“Trans women have worked tirelessly for years to call out how dangerous the ‘dude in a dress’ trope is, as it has been used to argue that trans women aren’t ‘real women.'”

Of course, for those who accept scientific evidence (biology, in this case) as fact, transgenders aren’t “real women.” They, in fact, are “dudes in a dress.”

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