Liberal TERRORISTS Beat Elderly Trump Supporters at Berkeley Rally


This has gone far beyond legitimate protest. Liberals are literally resorting to terrorism against supporters of President Donald Trump.

At a rally at UC Berkeley the so-called “anti-fascist” liberals proved just how fascist they are by beating defenseless people, including the elderly, for wearing pro-Trump shirts and hats.

Police eventually intervened and put down the violent counter-demonstration.

But not before a number of people were physically assaulted and injured by these intolerant thugs.

Here’s one Trump-supporter on the ground after being pepper-sprayed:

Another, an elderly man, screams in agony as fellow protesters try to help him:

The scene was incredibly brutal, and the total opposite of the tolerance these idiot liberals claim to champion:

Or, maybe they don’t any longer pretend to champion tolerance. Liberals started to really show their true colors at this riot by burning a sign that read “Free Speech.”

That’s right, they are now openly saying “Free Speech” only means what they have to say, not opposing views.

H/T Independent Journal Review

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