LIBERAL TEACHER’S Message: “Lots of white trump supporters in Las Vegas” Asks Liberals To “Pray Only Trumptards Died”


Folks, if your friends need more reasons to think that liberalism is a mental disorder then you have to read this.

Everyday the social media are ramped with hate from liberals that feel “oppressed” by our President Trump.

The Hollywood celebs are leading this insanity. Madonna say things like they’d like to “blow up” the White House. Black Lives Matter has inspired an entire league of overpaid professional NFL athletes to turn what was a movement against our brave law enforcement officers into an anti-American, anti-Trump movement.

Only two days ago on the SNL Resistance show, Michael Che called President Trump a ‘cheap cracker’.

This tweet by a woman who claims to be a “teacher, mother, sister and woman” may not even come as a surprise:

“Lots of white Trump supporters in Las Vegas at route 21 watching Jason aldean. Pray only trumptards died” 

She has deleted her account but if you know this woman please contact her school cause she needs to get FIRED!

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