Liberal snowflakes HYSTERICAL after Michelle Obama makes SHOCKING announcement


Liberals across America are clinging to Barack and Michelle Obama like sick children.

They still can’t fathom that Donald J. Trump is their president, and are hoping beyond hope that the Obamas will somehow save them.

It’s deliciously humorous for conservatives to watch. It’s also incredibly pathetic.

So it was with a lot of tears that liberals last week listened as Michelle Obama laid out her plans for the near future.

To the dismay of entitled snowflakes everywhere, Michelle announced that she would NOT be running for president of the United States in the foreseeable future.

Despite her having no credibility to her name whatsoever beyond having been the wife of a president, many felt Michelle was the perfect candidate to challenge Trump in 2020.

And then she dashed their expectations.

Michelle rejected the idea of running because she “wouldn’t ask my children to do this again.”

Of course, by 2020, both Malia and Sasha would be grown women, so that excuse hardly holds water.

More likely that Michelle knows she would LOSE to Trump and is trying to avoid embarrassment.

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H/T Mad World News

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