‘Liberal Snowflake’ Hollywood Elites Get TERRIBLE NEWS After Mocking Trump


A group of top Hollywood snowflakes made a viral online video clip mocking President-elect Trump with the song “I Will Survive”. But they just got some bad news that will make them regret their decision.

The clip, produced by W Magazine, was published online just days before Trump’s inauguration.

The Hollywood elites are trying to get across the notion that Trump and conservatives have made them victims. It is a pathetic attempt to paint Trump as a villain.

And the flood of criticism that has followed shows that a great many Americans were no impressed.

“Unbelievable. The liberal Hollywood snowflakes made ANOTHER pathetic video called, I Will Survive,” wrote Twitter user Billy.

“Liberal Snowflakes are melting down again. Another awful video and this time with the worst singing ever,” tweeted June Anderson.

“Butt hurt, tolerant left. So glad to hear the little snowflakes will survive,” wrote Catherine. “But, with all their Trump-bashing, will their careers?”

Of course, Hollywood stars rely on their reputation with average Americans to score the best movie and TV roles. Piss off enough Americans, and you’ll find yourself out of a job.

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