Liberal Reporters Just Found Out What Sarah Huckabee Sanders Keeps on Her Desk, and They Are NOT Happy


Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a powerhouse as President Trump’s press secretary.

That’s already enough for the mainstream liberal media to loathe her. And they do.

But details revealed in a new biography have added even more fuel to the liberal fire.

According to the piece, Sanders keep a book of devotionals on her desk. Not necessarily surprising considering her well-known Christian faith.

What the liberal reporters who fill the White House press room will find less palatable is that Sanders reads from those devotionals each and every time she’s about to go address the media.

She prepares herself to face the likes of CNN by seeking God’s wisdom.

Western Journalism rightly pointed out that Sanders is the hardest working mom in America, a fact that should make her a feminist icon.

But, she’s also a die-hard conservative and a devout Christian, both of which disqualify her for any such honor in the eyes of “tolerant” progressives.

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