Instant Justice

Liberal Punk PUNCHES Conservative Reporter, Gets INSTANT JUSTICE


This just so perfectly highlights the mentality and behavior of the type of radical liberals who took part in the anti-Trump feminist rallies.

In addition to being nearly useless members of society, these people are certifiably INSANE. Not to mention totally intolerant.

Isn’t it something that they shout “Love Trumps Hate” and attack Trump supporters for supposedly being bigots, while they have no problem using violence against those with whom they disagree?

Can we say “HYPOCRISY”?

Well, this particular idiot resorted to violence on camera, and now he’s paying the price.

That’s right. He not only punched another person unprovoked. He punched a reporter. Freedom of the press, anybody?

Well, not only did he punch a reporter, he punched a woman. What a man!

Despite the efforts of the feminists trying to help him escape, this idiot has now been found. He is Jason Dion Bews, 34, of Edmonton, Alberta, where the rally was held.

Police have charged Bews with aggravated assault and uttering threats.

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This is the face of anti-Trump liberalism. And it isn’t pretty.

PLEASE SHARE if you are SICK AND TIRED of this kind of behavior. We need to EXPOSE these people!

H/T Yes I’m Right

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