Liberal Professor Has EPIC MELTDOWN After Muslim Colleague Votes Trump


A liberal professor at Georgetown University had an absolutely EPIC meltdown after learning that a Muslim colleague had voted for Donald Trump.

Ironically, Associate Professor Christine Fair teaches at the Center for Peace and Security Studies. But she sure wasn’t practicing what she teaches after finding out fellow Georgetown staffer Asra Q Nomani is a Trump supporter.

Following the election, Nomani wrote in the Washington Post that despite being a Muslim immigrant and a “lifelong liberal,” she had voted for Donald Trump.

The reasons she gave were because Trump would repeal Obamacare, which Nomani said she can’t afford, and because Obama had failed so miserably to combat Islamic terror.

Christine Fair, who acknowledged that Nomani had previously been a friend, completely lost her mind at this point.

Days after Nomani’s article appeared, Fair took to Twitter, where she told the Muslim journalist, “F**K YOU, GO TO HELL”, and called her a “wench”, a “fraud” and a “fame-mongering clown show”.

And that was just the beginning of a full month of abusive tweets, Facebook posts and private messages.

In several of her posts, Fair used words from Nomani’s native language of Urdu to insult her.

In one particularly worrying tweet, Fair claimed that Nomani had “told me you were an atheist when you were at my home. Guess you’ve changed your opinion, or is this another publicity stunt?”

Nomani noted that to wrongfully accuse a Muslim of leaving the religion can get that person killed. And Fair is perfectly aware of that.

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Nomani is filed a petition asking Georgetown University to investigate the Fair’s harassment and take disciplinary action. No word yet on whether that will happen.

What is certain is that this is just one more example of how liberals are perfectly tolerant, so long as you fall in line with their views.

If you dare to have a dissenting opinion, it doesn’t matter what your race, religion or creed may be. You are an enemy of liberalism.

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