Liberal Media Pushes FAKE NEWS About Houston Mosques Taking in Hurricane Victims


The mainstream liberal media just loves any story that validates their agenda, even if the details need to be fudged a little.

Fake news isn’t always about inventing stories. It’s also about misrepresenting something that might have really happened in service to an ulterior motive.

The liberal media wants to “prove” that Islam is a religion of peace, and that Christians are the true hypocrites and extremists.

Hurricane Harvey gave them ample opportunity to push that narrative after mega-church pastor Joel Osteen allegedly refused to open his doors to hurricane victims in Houston.

At the very same time, it was revealed that local Houston mosques were opening their doors to the needy.

It was too perfect! The greedy Christians were doing nothing to help, while the peaceable Muslims were selflessly providing aid!

Well, turns out it was too good to be true. At least in the way the media portrayed it.

Of the 200,000 Muslims living in the greater Houston area, they assisted a mere 125 hurricane victims, and MOST of them were fellow Muslims.

Go figure.

Of the very few non-Muslims that received assistance from Muslims, none were taken into local mosques, as that would be considered a desecration in Islam.

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In fact, numerous reports noted that in the Muslim gymnasiums were victims were taken, the Muslims blocked off certain areas where non-Muslims were not permitted to walk.

In other words, reports of Muslim charity in the wake of Hurricane Harvey were enormously overblown.

Source: Bossfeed

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