Liberal Mainstream Reporter Tries to Corner Trump… BIG MISTAKE


President Trump is taking it to the liberal mainstream media in a BIG WAY!

In his first exclusive interview since becoming president, Trump was drilled by ABC’s David Muir.

But Muir soon found out what a mistake it was to try to corner this new president.

Trump hit back hard, and left Muir looking confused and foolish.

For instance, Muir tried to bait the president over the vile Women’s March, wondering if he could hear them from the White House.

“No, I couldn’t hear them,” said Trump.

And then he turned the tables:

“The crowds were large, but you’re going to have a large crowd on Friday too, which is mostly pro-life people. You’re gonna have a lot of people coming on Friday… Some people say it’s gonna be larger, pro-life people, and they say the press doesn’t cover them.”

Trump was referring to the upcoming March for Life, which traditionally draws at least 500,000 participants.

Muir quickly tried to change subjects, insisting he didn’t want to “compare crowd sizes.”

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The clueless journalist then tried to trap the president by addressing his charges of voter fraud.

Trump has referenced a Pew study from 2012 that outlined how voter fraud could affect the outcome of US elections. He says it reveals why he lost the popular vote.

Muir insisted that he had spoken to the author of that report, and that he said there was no evidence of voter fraud in 2016.

“Really?” retorted Trump. “Then why did he write the report?”

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The mainstream media is confounded by Trump. They will say it’s because he’s untruthful. But the real truth is they just can’t handle this president!

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