Liberal Idiot Married 10 Muslim Men from Islamic Countries to Give Them Green Cards … GETS BRUTAL INSTANT JUSTICE


Folks, the story you are about to read will make you MAD!

A New Yorker woman, married numerous men from terror prone countries in order for them to get green cards and be permitted to stay in the United States, police said. (Scroll down for video)

The New York Police Department said that the woman was arrested.

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39-year-old Liana Barrientos of the Bronx, is accused of being married to 10 men at the same time. Barrientos married men from Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan and other countries.

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One of the men was deported from the United States after making threats against the government.
As soon as the wedding ceremony was over, seven husbands applied for permanent resident status in the country.

When some of them were denied, they filed for divorce and submitted new applications, stating that they were married to other women.

Barrientos was found in possession of numerous marriage certificates, which were obtained in several cities across the state, including Westchester County, Rockland County, and Long Island.

She was charged with two counts of offering a false instrument for filing, each punishable by up to four years in prison.

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