Liberal Hypocrisy Video: LeBron Dislikes Assault Weapons – Except When He’s Shooting Them


LeBron is staunchly in the ‘Not My President’ category. He has attacked President Trump more than once.+

Just like all of us here in America and the rest of the world, Lebron is horrified by the events of Feb. 14, 2018, in Parkland, Florida.

The couple went to Lock & Load Miami Machine Gun Experience & Range in 2014. The General Manager, Mike Pryor, spoke about it to ESPN.

LeBron and his wife had a good time at the range, but despite that, the ever-political James is advocating for gun control.

LeBron is concerned that people who ‘can’t buy a beer can buy an AR-15’.

James, who played four seasons with the Miami Heat, was mostly concerned with how 19-year-old accused shooter Nikolas Cruz was able to purchase a firearm that was used to kill 17 students and teachers and injure 16 more.

“We have a kid who wasn’t legally [able] to buy a beer at a bar, but he can go buy an AR-15? It doesn’t make sense,” James said. “I’m not saying it should be legal for him to go buy beer. But how is it possible that we can have minors go buy a gun? I don’t have the answer to it. But to the families in Parkland, down in Broward County, it’s sad and I’m sorry and it’s just a tragedy and I hope we don’t continue to see this because it’s too many in the last 10 years with guns.”

The failure here is obviously with the FBI. They failed to act and that made it possible for Cruz to pass background checks and legally purchase weapons. There were multiple calls to the police department over several years.

H/T: Sun Sentinal

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