Liberal Activist Wears Obama Shirt Among Trump-Voters. Can’t Believe What They Did To Him


Republicans and conservatives have been publicly attacked in the most brutal fashion just for daring to wear “Make America Great Again” hats and shirts.

Liberals have demonstrated very little of the tolerance they claim to champion.

So, one liberal activist was expecting much of the same when he wore a Barack Obama t-shirt in a small Texas town the voted overwhelmingly for Trump.

Michael Skolnik, who was part of Obama’s re-election campaign back in 2012, said he wasn’t necessarily trying to “troll” the town’s conservative residents. He was simply expressing his political views, as every American has the right to do.

Skolnik was so shocked by the way the town’s Trump-supporters treated him, that he took immediately to Twitter:

“Walking around a very small Texas town that voted 80% for Trump with my Obama t-shirt on this morning has been quite the experience.

“In the restaurant I had breakfast at one of the cooks came out from the kitchen and came over and said, ‘I just wanted to see your shirt.’

“In the gun store that I wanted to check out, the nice lady behind the counter told me when I walked in that ‘I looked like was lost.’

“It’s a very beautiful town + the people are very nice. Here for a wedding of a friend who worked for Obama, so I wore a t-shirt to represent.”

H/T Conservative Fighters

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