LGBT Thugs Threaten to Burn Down Church, Murder Pastor


Wait till you see the DESPICABLE way that Democratic lawmakers responded to this crime.

The ever-tolerant LGBT movement threatened to kill a Detroit-area pastor, murder his family and burn down his church.

What sparked such vile hatred?

Metro City Church Pastor Jeremy Schossau had planned to host a Christian workshop for teenage girls struggling with their sexual identity.

The workshop was promoted as “a safe place for teenage girls to learn what the Bible teaches about sexuality.”

But, Schossau had to cancel it at the last minute after ANTIFA and the LGBT movement declared they would turn the workshop into anything BUT a safe place.

An overwhelming wave of hate messages – including letters, voicemails and social media posts – inundated the church.

Most contained base vulgarity, and a great many threatened physical harm.

“People have literally threatened to kill me and my family, to burn our house down, to burn our Church down, to assault the people of our Church and our staff,” said the pastor.

Now, we expect this of ANTIFA and the LGBT movement. But what’s really outrageous is that top Democratic state lawmakers responded not by condemning the criminal threats against Schossau, but by pushing legislation that would make it ILLEGAL for his church or any other church to counsel sexually confused teens.

Schossau was rightly outraged, telling local media:

“We do not need the government to tell us what we can or cannot say. And we don’t need the government to tell us what kind of advice to give.”

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