Levin Breaks His Silence, Say 2 Powerful Words To Top Trump Administration Official


Conservative radio host Mark Levin made a bold statement Monday when he called on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign following news that the FBI raided the office, home, and hotel room of President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen.

Levin argued on his nationally syndicated radio show that even if Sessions did recuse himself from the Russian probe, “The buck stops on the attorney general’s desk.”

Levin, who’s been friends with Sessions for 30 years, added, “And the entire [Justice] Department is out of control now and it’s country first, over any politician, even if I’ve known that politician for a long, long time.

He continued:

“I watch the president of the United States here now. He doesn’t deserve any of this. He didn’t do anything. He didn’t do anything. What do you think it is, Chappaquiddick?” Levin asked. “And so it’s time for the attorney general to step aside and for the president of the United States, he can make a recess appointment, not to put in a body or anything like that. He can put Dershowitz in there for all I care. He needs to put somebody in there who’s going to take a little bit more charge over what’s going on in this country.”

Harvard law professor and constitutional scholar Alan Dershowitz condemned the FBI raid on Cohen, calling it a “dangerous day” for the future of lawyer-client relations.

President Trump further slammed the raid as “a pure and simple witch hunt.”

Notably, Levin worked with Sessions in the Justice Department under President Ronald Reagan. However, he made it clear that he would not hesitate to call out his friend. “I want to make a point here, and it will destroy a 30-year friendship, it’ll destroy it,” he said. “But I really do think it’s time for the attorney general to step aside. It’s time for the attorney general to step aside.”

Listen below.

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