‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Stores Spread Across New England: ‘Sales Are Very Good’


Stores selling anti-President Joe Biden merchandise are spreading across the northeast just in time for the holidays.

The pop-up retailers are selling hoodies, hats, and T-shirts featuring the now-famous slogan “Let’s Go Brandon .” The phrase started as a euphemism for the phrase “F*** Joe Biden,” then took the internet by storm as a meme before becoming a hit music trend .

New Englander Keith Lambert owns seven “Let’s Go Brandon” stores, six in Massachusetts and one in Rhode Island.

“Sales are very good. We’ve got a lot of support. There’s a lot of excitement,” Lambert told the Washington Times . “People absolutely love coming out. Being in the atmosphere of a store, it’s a lot of fun.”

Lambert previously owned 22 “New England for Trump” stores, which closed after former President Donald Trump’s electoral defeat in 2020 to Biden.

Lambert said he had the idea to repurpose his New England for Trump locations to take advantage of the craze surrounding “Let’s Go Brandon.”

“We re-branded a couple of the stores as Let’s… (Read more)

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