Less Than a Year Into His Presidency, the Economy is BOOMING. Here’s How Trump Did It


We are now well enough into the Trump presidency to get some real figures on how he’s doing as Commander-in-Chief.

And the evidence is overwhelming – Trump has already succeeded in accomplishing one of his biggest campaign promises, even before all the pieces are in place.

One of the cornerstones of “Making America Great Again” is, according to Trump, reinvigorating the US economy.

It was his promise of a Reagan-esque economic revival that convinced many to vote for Trump.

And, boy, has he delivered.

From Observer:

Real GDP grew 3.1 percent in the last quarter, up more than 50 percent from the average for the eight years that Obama was president.

In Trump’s first six months in office, more than a million new jobs were created, driving unemployment down to a 16-year low. The stock market set 34 new record highs, with headlines just last week screaming “Dow Races Through 23,000.”

So, how did Trump manage this?

Well, the incredible thing is that he’s yet been able to actually implement some of his promised policies (tax reform being the biggest).

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And yet, the economy is rallying based almost solely on Trump’s promises.

Trump promised to slash marginal tax rates, and Americans believe he will. And in accordance with that believe, production and overall GDP has been increasing.

But Trump has been able to actually implement some policies, including deregulation in the energy sector, which ultimately drives all other sectors of the economy.

Again from Observer:

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Trump has already made a lot of progress in removing Obama’s boot on the neck of American energy producers. That is why U.S. shale oil production has already soared to record levels since Trump entered office.

America today has the resources to lead the world as the top producer worldwide of oil, natural gas and coal. Removing America from the Paris Climate Accord, the start of the demise of Obama’s so-called “Clean Power Plan,” and Trump’s ongoing dismantling of the anti-American energy regulation of Obama’s EPA has already liberated America’s energy producers to assume these world leading roles.

Any economy with the world’s number one oil producing industry, number one natural gas producing industry, and number one coal producing industry is going to be leading the world with booming economic growth. And not just in energy but in manufacturing too. Because manufacturing is an energy intensive activity.

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