Leonardo DiCaprio Just Met With Trump. This is BIG


Leonardo DiCaprio is no fan of Donald Trump. The liberal actor was a major supporter of Hillary Clinton. And he disagrees with the president-elect on a lot of issues.

But, apparently, DiCaprio is smart enough to know there is only one way to push his own agenda. And that is within the framework of helping Trump “Make America Great Again”!

The two reportedly met at Trump Tower for 90 minutes. They were joined by Ivanka and the head of DiCaprio’s environmental foundation.

The actor presented our next president with a plan to create millions of jobs by boosting the clean energy industry.

You may not agree with, or even like DiCaprio. But at least this shows liberals are accepting the fact that Trump is going to lead us.

And it also shows Trump is willing to work with anyone who is in turn willing to work for America’s benefit.

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