Legendary Quarterback Brett Favre Says It’s ‘Unfair’ For Transgenders To Compete With Biological Women


Retired NFL star Brett Favre said it was “unfair” for transgender athletes to compete against biological women in Olympic weightlifting.

“It’s not fair for a man, even if this person wants to be a woman or feels compelled — if you want to become the opposite sex, that’s fine. I got no problem with it,” the former Green Bay Packers quarterback said on his podcast, Bolling with Favre. “But you can’t compete against — males cannot compete against females.”

The International Olympic Committee changed its rules to allow transgender athletes to compete in divisions that do not reflect their biological sex in 2015. Those who transition from female to male can compete without restrictions, while biological males who transition to female must have a total testosterone level of fewer than 10 nanomoles per liter for at least 12 months before the Olympic games.

Favre’s comments come after it was announced Laurel Hubbard, a 43-year-old New Zealand weightlifter, will compete in the women’s heavyweight 87-kg category at the Tokyo Olympics. Hubbard transitioned to being a female in her 30s. The announcement of her inclusion in the Olympics was met with concern by veteran Olympians, who called it an “unfair advantage” and suggested it wasn’t a level playing field.

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