Legal Firm Files Request For Ag Garland To Face Conflict Of Interest Investigation Over Son-In-Law’s Business


A legal firm has filed an official request with the Office of Government Ethics to investigate a possible conflict of interest between Attorney General Merrick Garland and his son-in-law’s business that promotes Critical Race Theory in classrooms.

“Today, America First Legal filed a request for investigation with the Office of Government Ethics regarding Attorney General Merrick Garland’s compliance with conflict of interest regulations,” America First Legal said in a statement outlining Garland’s son-in-law Alexander Tanner’s involvement with Panorama Education Inc.

“Attorney General Garland’s son-in-law is Alexander Tanner. Mr. Tanner is a corporate official of Panorama Education Inc.,” the statement adds. “Panorama’s website assures school boards it may purchase racial and gender indoctrination, data mining, and other services using parents’ tax dollars. Publicly available corporate data shows investors, including tech billionaire oligarchs, have invested over ninety million dollars in Panorama.  Panorama’s business, its investors, and Mr. Tanner are likely to be adversely affected if parents protest and stop school boards from funding racial and gender indoctrination (i.e. ‘equity’) programs aimed at K-12 public school students.”

The firm argues that federal ethics rules required Garland to disclose and seek clearance in order to preside over a matter where his son-in-law has a vested financial interest in Critical Race Theory being accepted by school boards.

“The nut of the matter is this,” Senior Counselor and Director of Oversight and Investigations America First Legal Foundation Reed Rubinstein told Fox News. “His son-in-law’s business depends for its revenue on the willingness of school boards to purchase their services for racial and gender based indoctrination and other sorts of surveys and data mining. If parents are protesting successfully and stop this sort of activity then the business of Panorama and the son-in-law’s ownership interest is adversely affected. If the parents win then Panorama and its investors lose.”

In the filing, obtained by Fox News, AFL points out that Garland previously pledged in his ethics agreement with the Department of Justice that “in the event that an actual or potential conflict of interest arises during my appointment, I will consult with the Department ethics officials and take the measures necessary to resolve the conflict, such as recusal.”

AFL also filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with DOJ on earlier this month seeking records related to Garland’s Oct. 4 memo, which directed DOJ’s National Security Division and the FBI to investigate “threatening” parents at school board meetings speaking out against CRT.

Garland’s directive has been criticized … (Read more)

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