Lee Zelden Says Voter Id And Signature Verification Should Be Election Norm, Not No-Excuse, Mail-In Voting


Rep. Lee Zeldin is pushing for signature verification in every state and blasted the practices of ballot-harvesting and mail-in balloting.

“Voter identification and signature verification should be enacted by every state legislature in the nation,” Zeldin wrote. “Ballot harvesting and widespread, no excuse mail in balloting should not. Everyone who thinks otherwise is telling you a lot about where they stand on ballot integrity.”

Some states expanded the practice of mail-in balloting during the 2020 election amid the coronavirus pandemic, claiming too much in-person voting risked crowds gathering at polling locations and could lead to greater spread of the virus.

But the practice caused controversy, as many states also became more lenient in enforcing election laws, such as with deadlines. Pennsylvania, where the secretary of state changed the rules without the consent of the legislature, became perhaps the most controversial example, leading to … (Read more)

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