Law Professor: It’s Clear ‘Hunter Biden Was Selling Access and Influence’ and Joe Was Aware [Opinion]


A new set of emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop have thrown doubt upon President Joe Biden’s claim he didn’t know about his son’s overseas business dealings.

The emails are so incriminating that constitutional scholar and law professor Jonathan Turley says the evidence is “is clear that Hunter Biden was selling access and influence” and that it “appears that Joe Biden was aware of that effort.”

The latest batch of emails — and pictures to accompany them — were first reported in the New York Post and the U.K. Daily Mail.

In the messages, released last week, Hunter talks with his business partner Jeff Cooper about potential deals with Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim. Along with the emails were pictures featuring Slim, along with other Mexican businessmen Hunter was involved with, having breakfast with then-Vice President Joe Biden at the Naval Observatory, the official residence of the vice president.

This got almost no coverage outside of the Post, the Daily Mail and conservative media. The rest of our legacy media outlets are more concerned with more urgent matters like whether the president ate cookies ‘n’ cream or chocolate chocolate chip ice cream today. (A tip for you gamblers out there: If you can get 6-1 or better on cookies ’n’ cream for Thursday or Friday, I’d take it. The president likes to mix it up a bit and the c’n’c is due.)

Turley is a George Washington University Law School professor and a constitutional scholar who testified during former President Donald Trump’s first impeachment trial. In a post on Friday, Turley bemoaned “the concerted and often embarrassing blackout in the media on stories involving Hunter Biden’s influence peddling during his father’s tenure as Vice President.”

“That includes the burying of the laptop story and the growing contradictions over his father’s denial of any knowledge or involvement in his shady business dealings,” he wrote.

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