Las Vegas Sheriff Just Confirmed It! This Changes EVERYTHING!


Folks have been speculating since the Las Vegas massacre. Too many things just didn’t add up.

And now, Las Vegas Sheriff Joe Lombardo has confirmed one of our biggest suspicions.

The mainstream media immediately jumped on the narrative that the attack was carried out by a “lone wolf” white man who had exploited lax gun laws.

Well, according to Lombardo, that’s not true.

First, the sheriff said, without elaborating, that he has evidence that the shooter, Stephen Paddock, intended to survive the attack, that he had plans for escape.

That doesn’t fit with what we were initially told that Paddock had apparently committed suicide. Someone’s hiding something.

Second, Lombardo totally rebuked the notion that Paddock was working alone:

If this was a coordinated attack that included escape plans and more than one active participant, then there’s a LOT we still don’t know.

But, leave it to the “fake news” mainstream media to prematurely settle on a narrative that fits their agenda and run with it, despite mounting evidence to the contrary.

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