Laid Off Pipeline Worker Rips Joe Biden For Destroying His Livelihood With Keystone Shutdown


The devastating fallout of President Joe Biden’s job-killing apocalypse continues, rendering many unemployed Americans feeling scared and hopeless.

Jason Jernigan, a veteran pipeline worker who got laid off last month after Biden flippantly killed the Keystone XL Pipeline project on his first day in office as part of a move to combat a “climate crisis,” has a message for the president: Biden’s administration has “taken my livelihood from me.”

The project was supposed to employ as many as 11,000 workers, but Biden eliminated all those well-paying jobs with an executive order.

“The recent administration has taken my livelihood from me and is expecting me to get a job somewhere else. I’ve got my whole life invested in this,” Jernigan, 45, said in a video Monday on Fox News.

“I’ve been pipelining for 21 years. This is all I know to do.”

In an interview on “America’s Newsroom,” Jernigan said he is a third-generation oil and gas worker. Because of his decades of experience as a union pipeliner, he earned a good salary.

Now that’s gone, and he’s worried that he has to scrounge around for any job that pops up in order to support himself.

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