Lady Gaga’s Statement About America During Super Bowl Halftime Might Surprise You


Pop superstar Lady Gaga played the Super Bowl LI halftime show, and a lot of Americans were nervous about what she might do.

Liberal celebrities have gone off the rails in their hysteric reactions to President Trump and his policies.

Everyone expected Lady Gaga to use this massive stage to make some kind of political statement herself.

And she did. Just not the statement everyone was expecting.

Lady Gaga opened with a powerful rendition of “America the Beautiful” with the American flag behind her.

She started off by showing respect for our country, even if she might not personally have voted for the president.

She then continued with what many are calling a “flawless” performance, and never once uttering another word on politics.

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The show was a major departure from last year’s halftime performance, which Beyonce used promote the Black Panthers (!!) and the radical Black Lives Matter movement.

With Lady Gaga, it was all about America, sports and having a good time. And Americans everywhere appreciated it, big time.

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