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Kraft Recalls Famous Type of Cheese Due to Life-Threatening Bacteria


Kraft is one of the most iconic brands in America. Their products are on grocery store shelves across the nation.

Now, a scary new recall has just been announced by the giant company! Kraft Heinz is recalling roughly 7,000 cases of Taco Bell cheese dip.

The announcement comes after a risk of contamination by bacteria was discovered in the product. According to reports, it is a bacteria that can cause life-threatening botulism.

“The voluntary recall involves 15-ounce cases of Taco Bell Salsa Con Queso Mild Cheese Dip with ‘best used’ dates ranging from Oct. 31, 2018, to Jan. 23, 2019, the company said in a statement. There have been no reports of illness related to the product to date, the company said. The product being recalled was distributed only to retailers in the U.S.,” reported CBS News.

For those unfamiliar with botulism, it is a rare type of food poisoning. It can be fatal and causes symptoms that include dizziness, double vision and difficulty breathing.

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