Kindergarten Evacuated After Child Threatens Entire Class


A kindergarten in Germany was urgently evacuated after one of the children arrived carrying something that threatened the lives of his entire class.

All of the children were apparently asked to bring items from home as some sort of “show and tell” program.

But when the teacher noticed this little boy’s contribution sitting on the shelf, she quickly suggested that the entire class take an unscheduled trip to the playground.

The child in question had innocently brought an unexploded World War II bomb into the class.

He had reportedly found it while walking through a nearby forested area, and felt it was interesting enough to share with his classmates.

As the children were rushed out of the school, the teacher called the bomb squad, which disposed of the old bomb and swept the nearby forest for any additional unexploded ordinance.

Officials warned that there are many World War II explosives remaining in local forests and fields, and that any suspicious objects should be reported to authorities immediately.

H/T Times of Israel

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