Kim Jong-un Makes New Demand On Media, and It’s Absolutely Insane


No one can accuse North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un of being a reasonable person. Growing up in a family like his, who would be?

But his latest demand (undoubtedly on pain of death) on local media really highlights Kim’s insane insecurities.

From The Daily Express:

Enlarging images and applying filters on images Kim Jong-un appear to show additional “noise” around parts of his body and noticeably around his ears.

Jeffrey Lewis, director of the East Asia Nonproliferation Program at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, said: “Over the past few years, we noticed that Kim Jong-un’s ears often appear to have been altered along with other aspects of his appearance.

“We think these are just cosmetic alterations—changes to help Kim look a bit more handsome than he is in real life, much like a wedding photographer might make. He doesn’t like his ears, or so it seems.”

Mr Lewis’ observations have also been backed by James Schmerler, a research associate at James Martin Centre for Nonproliferation Studies.

Sharing an image on Twitter of the North Korea dictator, he said: “Sometimes we see editing in pictures of Kim Jong-un – particularly around his ear.”

In one photo, when enlarged, it clearly shows the original outline of Kim’s ear as a silhouette.

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Folks, this is the kind of nut job we are dealing with. If you think this kind of crazy won’t launch a nuke at us, think again.

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