KFC Surrenders to Sharia Law in the Most Despicable Way Possible, Then ABUSES Non-Muslim Customer


KFC has joined a growing list of fast-food chains that have surrendered to Sharia Law, even at outlets in WESTERN nations.

Steve Mitchell, a 45-year-old British man, discovered that sad reality recently when trying to order a BBQ Bacon Box at a KFC in Derby, England.

The BBQ Bacon Box is one of KFC’s more popular menu items.

But despite the vast majority of its clientele being non-Muslims, KFC is so fearful of offending Muslim immigrants that it has started implementing Sharia Law.

What’s worse, Mitchell was actually verbally abused by the Muslim staff at this particular KFC for having and audacity to order something that they themselves won’t eat.

Like many KFC locations around the world, the branch in Derby is now “halal-only,” meaning it complies with Islamic dictates. In other words – NO BACON.

And if you DARE to try to order bacon, BEWARE.

Is it time for a boycott, folks?

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