KFC hangs a new sign on its door… BLM scumbags are LOSING THEIR MINDS


Kentucky Fried Chicken has been in the headlines lately for some very poor choices, in particular bowing to the Sharia demands of Muslims.

But at least one KFC outlet is taking a more conservative stand.

At the KFC in Gallipolis, Ohio, managers decided to place a sign on their door that has liberals FUMING.

More than that, it has the SCUMBAGS in Black Lives Matter absolutely LOSING THEIR MINDS.

The sign reads: “All Uniformed Police Officers Eat Free Every Day, All Day”

BLM idiots who entered that KFC immediately took to social media to express their outrage that anyone would respect and honor our men and women in blue.

But supporters also took to Facebook, where news of the sign elicited a wave of support from patriotic and LAW-ABIDING Americans.

It’s high time our police got a little more respect.

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H/T Conservative Fighters

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