Keystone Xl Developer Says It’s Too Late To Restart Pipeline Project


The crunch at the gas pump exacerbated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to calls in conservative circles to restart the controversial Keystone XL pipeline. But those calls may be nothing more than a pipe dream.

The cross-border, multibillion-dollar project fell victim to partisan politics in the early days of the Biden administration, when President Joe Biden, in one of his first acts, signed an executive order halting production of the pipeline stretching from the Canadian border through the Dakotas to refineries in the Gulf Coast.

Soaring gas prices raised hope the administration may revisit the decision to mothball the project. It gained even more traction on Monday when Alberta Premier Jason Kenney said the financial squeeze at pumps could be alleviated if the project was restarted.

“We could turn this around in less than a year,” he said. His comments came as crude prices surged to almost $140 a barrel.

But TC Energy, the Canadian developer behind the Keystone XL project, poured cold water on the idea of it ever getting back up and running on Tuesday, telling the Washington Examiner: “The Keystone XL pipeline project was terminated in June 2021 and will not proceed.”

The monumental decision to walk away from the $8 billion project came at a devastating cost to communities that pinned their hopes and investments on the success of the massive venture.

South Dakota hotel owner Laurie Cox, who bought a two-story hotel in Midland and housed pipeline workers before the project was pulled, said that although it’s exciting to think about the pipeline coming back, it’s hard not to see the writing on the wall.

She recently drove past some of the man camps built to accommodate thousands of skilled workers hired to build the pipeline. The mostly abandoned work sites left little hope of a comeback.

Cox told the Washington Examiner that two work camps are “barren.”

“The man camp outside of Philip still has a few trailers, but it’s as dead as dead could be,” she said. “The pod stations appear to… (Read more)

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