Key witness to Bill Clinton / Loretta Lynch fateful conversation … DEAD!


THIS is the THIRD mysterious CLINTON RELATED death reported this summer:

#3; DEAD! Dimitri Noonan,  a pilot who has worked for the Justice Department for 25 years was on a fateful flight when in late June 2016 he was the Loretta Lynch’s pilot.  Remember the innocent conversation she allegedly had with Bill Clinton? About grandkids and golf?

According to Noonan about that meeting:

“The three of them sat like old friends and discussed strategies and made treaties. Clinton’s crimes were to be set aside until his wife finished 2 terms of working with Republicans to shore up the base and ‘move away from these Trump loving racists’ as Ryan put it.   

Lynch would seal the deal by not investigating the Clintons further. Ryan gets to remain Speaker, the Democrats get the Senate and the White House and 2024 is up for grabs.”

#2: July 2017: Klaus Eberwein, a former Haitian government official who was expected to testify against alleged Clinton Foundation corruption and malpractice   found dead in Miami via gunshot wound to the head.

July 2017:

This makes THREE mysterious deaths just this SUMMER!

All had info on Clintons.  ALL NOW DEAD!

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