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‘Broken Record’ John Kerry Takes Final Swipe At Israel


Outgoing (yay!) US Secretary of State John Kerry sounds like a broken record as he once again tells Israel she’s entirely to blame for the lack of peace in the Middle East.

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday told the Saban Forum in Washington, DC that Jewish settlements were not the real obstacle to peace. Rather, it is Arab Muslim refusal to accept the Jews’ legitimate, historical connection to their land.

Mad Kerry

Kerry followed Netanyahu in addressing the forum. And he (seemingly) angrily objected to Netanyahu’s reasoning.

“I don’t agree with him that settlements are not an obstacle to peace,” Kerry stated. “I’m not here to say that settlements are the reason for the conflict. No, they’re not. But I also cannot accept the notion that they’re not a barrier to peace.”

Kerry warned Israel that it was “heading to a place of danger.”

Anticipating Trump

Many in the Obama Administration are upset that Israel is so pleased with Donald Trump’s electoral victory. A lot of Netanyahu’s cabinet members believe Trump will turn the failed Middle East peace process on its head.

In anticipation of that, Israel’s government is set to vote on a bill that would retroactively legalize dozens of Jewish settler outposts.

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