Kentucky AG Cameron Joins In Legal Challenge To Pennsylvania’s Mail-In Ballots


According to a new report from Courier Journal, Kentucky’s attorney general Daniel Cameron will join other Republican AGs Monday in taking “major legal action” in the case challenging Pennsylvania’s mail-in ballots.

The report states “Sunday media advisory, which mentioned Daniel Cameron’s involvement, did not specify what action is being taken. But it’s presumed a lawsuit will be filed related to the mail-in ballots in the state that gave Biden the electoral college win over President Donald Trump.”

It continues “the Philadelphia Inquirer Sunday evening reported Trump’s legal team will contest Biden’s win, starting with a federal suit to be filed Monday alleging that the commonwealth’s two largest cities — Philadelphia and Pittsburgh — were awash in vote fraud.”

A virtual press conference will be held Monday at 2:30pm where Cameron and the attorney general of Louisiana, Georgia and Missouri will announce their plans.

H/T: Herald Leader

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