Kavanaugh accuser can’t keep her story straight about her fear of flying


Last week, Kavanaugh accuser Dr. Ford told friends she was afraid of flying and the Senate granted her a hearing delay. Now Ford tells us she flies long distance. In fact, she flies pretty frequently.

Not only that, she talks like she needed support to fly to DC. The cross-examination about Christine Ford’s flying history is pretty damaging considering the delay of this hearing was regarding her legal team citing a fear of flying.

From bloomberg.com

Mitchell also asks Ford about her fear of flying and how she got to Washington for the hearing.
Not an innocent inquiry, but a test of consistency. If she’s saying she suffers from claustrophobia as a result of the attack, how does she get around? She’s been to Hawaii and Polynesia.
Ford says its easier on vacation and that friends helped her “get up the gumption” to make the trip to .DC.
Ford admits she came to DC in an airplane. The hearing was delayed from Monday to Thursday — due to her stated fear of flying and desire to drive. She admits she flew to the east coast for vacation in August.

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