Katy Perry SLAMS Trump During Awards Show, But Then Gets TRAGIC News


It’s becoming a theme. Every awards show is now a platform for liberal celebrities to take cheap shots at President Trump.

And pop star Katy Perry is no exception. Too bad the night ended in such a bad way for her.

The Daily Mail reports:

Pop star Katy Perry danced alongside burning skeletons dressed as Theresa May and Donald Trump as she attempted to make a political statement at last night’s Brit Awards.

Liberals just can’t stand that BOTH America and Britain have conservative leaders. OH, THE HORROR!

But during the bizarre performance for her new song “Chained to the Rhythm,” one of Perry’s backup dancers, who were all very unwisely covered with paper houses, fell off the stage and was injured.

Wonder if Perry is going to have an injury lawsuit to settle? Wouldn’t that just be too bad.

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