KARMA: Man Who Abused 9/11 Widow Loses His Job


Remember the unhinged leftist who told a 9/11 widow that her husband should “rot?”

Well, he just got a taste of karma because he was just fired from his job after the incident went viral.

From milnenews.com

A 9/11 Widow was harassed by an extreme leftist protester in Portland.

The incident occurred on Oct. 13 after a “flash march for Law and Order” was organized by a conservative group.

Video captured by Brandon Farley (@FarelyFilms) shows the woman and a man, who appears to have been protesting the march, at a crosswalk, waiting to cross the street.

The protester begins the verbal spat by saying to the woman, “Why are you trying to block me, I’m f***ing trying to walk here.”

After he called her a “f***ing snarky, little f***ing idiot,” he said. “I’m not like … your cop boyfriend who is going to f***ing knock you out.”

The woman pointed to her NYPD hat and told the man, “My husband died on 9/11,” to which he replied, “Good, good. NYPD was a bunch of sodomizers, f***ing sodomizing immigrants with their bully sticks.”

“Your husband … should rot in the grave.”

The crazy protestor has been identified as Steve Wilson. Wilson’s employer, Self Enhancement Inc., tweeted out his termination.

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