Karma! After Trashing Trump, MTV’s Ratings Are In, and They Are NOT GOOD


There’s nothing quite so satisfying as watching Hollywood snowflakes get b*tch-slapped by America.

In a surprise to exactly no one, the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) turned out to be just another Trump-bashing fest where celebrities could pat themselves on the back for being so “courageous” as to take on the president.

The American people were NOT impressed.

From Breitbart:

If MTV thought the promise of a Sunday night Trump-Hate-Athon (which we all knew was coming) would draw eyeballs, the leftwing music network was sadly mistaken. In fact, the promise of such a hyper-politicized spectacle appears to have turned people away in droves.

Simply put, the final ratings are not only a disaster, they hit an all-time low. In a country filled with some 330 million people, around 42 million of them aged between 10 and 19, MTV’s biggest night of the year was able to attract only 5.4 million viewers.

Did you get that?

A mere 5.4 million viewers bothered to tune in for the biggest annual music event on America’s premier music television channel.

That’s what happens when you alienate at least half the population by trashing the man we elected to the White House instead of entertaining us, like we pay you to do!

Talk about becoming irrelevant.

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H/T Conservative Fighters

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