Kamala Harris Claims ‘Extreme Climate’ Is One of the ‘Root Causes’ of the Border Crisis


Vice President Kamala Harris said Thursday that “extreme climate” is one of several root causes behind the surge of illegal migrants at the southern border.

Harris made her comments at a roundtable on the Northern Triangle, where she discussed the ongoing migrant crisis at the overwhelmed U.S.-Mexico border.

The Northern Triangle refers to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

According to the Council on Foreign Relations, hundreds of thousands of people flee these countries every year due to “chronic violence, corruption, and poverty.” Most head to the United States.

Local governments in the Northern Triangle have tried several “pro-development,” “tough-on-crime” policies with help from the U.S. to stem the exodus. Yet those attempts have only seen little success.

Migrants from this region constitute a large portion of the illegal aliens unlawfully entering the country in the 2021 border crisis still going on to this day, according to the think tank.

During the Thursday roundtable, Harris suggested that to solve the border crisis, the administration must “address both what I think of as the acute and the root causes of migration.”

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