Kamala Criticized For Lack Of Press Availability: ‘What Are They Afraid Of?’


It has been well over a month since 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden selected Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate and critics on both sides of the aisle are starting to wonder why she hasn’t been more accessible to the media.

Many figured that Harris would be the public face of the campaign, as the gaffe-prone Biden hasn’t exactly been the most accessible candidate himself. But an NBC News reporter noted on Tuesday that Harris hasn’t formally taken questions from reporters since she was added to the ticket.

“A reminder that it has been 42 days since Harris was tapped as the VP pick. There are 42 days until election day,” NBC News reporter Deepa Shivaram tweeted. “The senator has not once formally taken questions from the press.”

Fox News confirmed that Harris hasn’t participated in a formal press conference or gaggle, although she has spoken to friendly outlets such as BET, MSNBC and CNN and appeared on Showtime’s late-night talk show, “Desus & Mero.” Harris has also occasionally provided brief answers to reporters’ shouted questions, but the NBC News campaign embed isn’t satisfied.

“She sat down for two interviews, ones with NBC and CNN. She has done local press interviews in the states she’s traveled to. But besides the few shouted questions, no – there has not been a gaggle where reporters who are on the ground can ask questions,” Shivaram added in a follow-up tweet when a follower asked for clarification.

ABC News’ Jonathan Karl agreed and tweeted, “A candidate for Vice President should be answering questions regularly.”

Daily Beast reporter Sam Stein added, “The Biden campaign’s reluctance to talk to the press is not just annoying (though it’s that), it’s bad for our system of governance (especially during COVID) and has a foul stench of insecurity.”

Washington Post’s Dave Weigel also chimed in, noting that 2016 Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine participated in at least one press gaggle during the brief time he covered the campaign.

While reporters from liberal outlets are peeved, others are looking for answers. Cornell Law School professor and media critic William A. Jacobson isn’t surprised that Harris has largely dodged the press, annoying reporters in the process.

“Kamala Harris is as much a gaffe machine as Joe Biden, without Biden’s folksy charm.”

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“Kamala Harris is as much a gaffe machine as Joe Biden, without Biden’s folksy charm. It’s the main reason her primary campaign was a flop, the hype of Har… (Read more)

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