JUST IN: White House Reveals Threat on Barron Trump’s Life. He’s Being Targeted for Assassination!


For those opposed to Donald Trump’s presidency, it’s not enough to hate the man himself.

From unhinged liberals to Muslim jihadists, they’ve also shamelessly targeted Trump’s family, including young children.

One of the Trump family members most in the spotlight these days is 11-year-old Barron, son of the president and First Lady Melania Trump.

Most likely, Barron just wants to live out his teenage years like any other American kid.

Instead, he’s had to deal with a merciless smear campaign by the liberal media and talk shows.

And now, he’s reportedly being targeted for assassination!

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Pro-ISIS internet channels are calling for the assassination of President Donald Trump’s son, Barron, and have shared personal details of the child’s life on its social media networks, including the address of his school, according to a media monitoring organization.

ISIS supporters, on a well-known Telegram channel, shared the name and address of Barron Trump’s school and are calling for backers of the terrorist organization to assassinate him, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute, or MEMRI.

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