JUST IN VIDEO: Paris On FIRE As Thugs Demolish City Chanting ‘ALLAH AKBAR’


This is what happens when you have open borders.

Folks, Trump is our solution to prevent things like this to happen in America as well.

We need to stand by him and support his Travel Ban, we have to do this for us and especially for our kids.

Authorities in Paris are struggling to contain anti-police riots after allegations of sexual abuse by officers surfaced.

Five areas have been dubbed “no-go zones” for the past 5 nights as police battle rioters setting vehicles on fire and throwing what appear to be firecrackers.

The more peaceful demonstrators carry banners which are covered with names of people whom they believe have been victimized by the police force.
The locals have been under lockdown as the clash plays out on the streets with the rioters doing millions of pounds in damage, according to The Express.

It is feared that word of the alleged assault could spread farther, causing even more chaos in France.


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